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Discovery of World War Two bomb forces residents to evacuate | UK News



People who were forced to leave their homes after a World War Two bomb was found nearby may have to spend a second night in temporary accommodation.

The unexploded device was discovered at a building site in Kingston, southwest London, at about 9.15am on Thursday, causing 1,500 homes to be evacuated.

Experts from the Ministry of Defence were called in after the bomb had been examined by specialist police officers.

Two polling stations – opened for the European elections – had to be closed, with voters directed to other sites.

Kingston University said staff and students evacuated from its Penrhyn Road and Knights Park campuses were “advised to go home”.

In an update on Friday, the Metropolitan Police said it was “not possible to give an accurate time frame as to when the operation will be concluded”.

Commander Mark McEwan added: “There is a possibility that it may stretch overnight.

“We are working closely with the military, Kingston Council and emergency service partners and we will update you as and when we have further information.”

He added: “There may also be some ongoing disruption to utilities in the coming week, as a result of dealing with this incident.

“It is not possible to qualify the degree or extent at this stage.”

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