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Coronavirus: Scotland lockdown to be eased from end of next week | UK News



The lockdown in Scotland will be eased at the end of the month, the Scottish government has announced.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a four-phase “route map” for the “relaxation” of the lockdown in Scotland.

She said the new rules are “not set in stone” and they will be reviewed every three weeks, as required by law.

Some of the rules will start on 28 May, with some a few days after, Mrs Sturgeon said.

The new rules are:

  • People will be able to sit and sunbathe outdoors
  • People will be able to meet one person from another household, if they stay two metres apart outdoors
  • Visits inside another household are not allowed
  • Non-contact sports like golf, fishing, bowls and tennis will be allowed
  • People will be able to travel – preferably walk or cycle – to carry out activities, but they should try to stay close to home
  • Recycling and waste services will resume
  • Outdoor industries like agriculture and construction will resume
  • Garden centres will be allowed to open
  • Some services like social work will resume
  • Some parts of the criminal justice system will resume

In the next phases, teachers will return to work in June to prepare for schools to open for the new year after 11 August.

Transition support will be given to children going into primary one or moving from primary to secondary schools.

More children will also have access to critical childcare, which has so far only been provided for children of key workers during the lockdown.

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