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Coronavirus: Leicester lockdown ‘risks creating uncertainty and disorder’, scientists warn | UK News



The lockdown in Leicester was imposed too late and “risks creating uncertainty, dissent and even disorder”, a group of scientists have warned.

Independent SAGE – a rival group that is separate to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies which advises Downing Street – has described the local lockdown as a “foreseeable crisis of the government’s own making”.

The experts also criticised the way the prime minister’s “whack-a-mole” strategy was “imposed on the locality, rather than being developed and implemented with the locality”.

A strongly worded statement added: “In the case of Leicester, and for future such cases, we advocate a response that is led by local government, supported by agencies such as PHE Health Protection Teams, the NHS and the police and with additional funding from central government.”

The group’s chairman is the former government chief scientific adviser Sir David King, who last week warned it was “extraordinarily risky” to lift lockdown measures further from this Saturday.

Leicester was forced back into a stricter lockdown on Tuesday after a spike in local cases, with 10% of all COVID-19 cases in the country over the past week coming from the city.

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