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Coronavirus: Kate Garraway says husband Derek Draper ‘can’t wake up’ as he battles COVID-19 | Ents & Arts News



TV presenter Kate Garraway has said her husband Derek Draper “sort of can’t wake up” as he battles coronavirus, and doctors “don’t know how much better” he can get.

The Good Morning Britain star, 53, appeared on the show on Wednesday morning – 100 days since she stopped featuring regularly when her husband was taken to hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

She said she had been told six times that Mr Draper, 52, was not “going to make it”.

Kate Garraway says doctors "don't know how much better" her husband Derek Draper can get
Mr Draper “sort of can’t wake-up”.from an induced coma, Ms Garraway said

“It’s a very desperate situation”, she told hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, explaining that doctors are no longer keeping Mr Draper in a coma but that “he sort of can’t wake up”.

She said: “It’s a strange word ‘coma’. He was induced into the coma… as a way of resting the lungs.

“Of course, now they’re no longer keeping him in the coma and he sort of can’t wake up.

“Wonderfully, his eyes are opening, but we have no real knowledge of what he can see and feel and hear.”

Garraway – a former Sky News presenter – said the fact Mr Draper is still alive offers “fantastic hope”, adding: “The doctors keep saying it is a miracle that he’s still alive.”

But she said they had also told her that “he’s as sick as anyone” they have “ever seen in 35 years of medicine, never mind COVID, and some of those people that were as sick as him aren’t here”.

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Garraway added: “Six times they’ve said he’s not going to make it… So he has been very, very sick.

“The problem is it’s a new disease that nobody knows.

“It’s great that there are some flickers of hope. His lungs are starting to recover a little bit, his kidneys are doing better, his liver is doing better – but they don’t know how much better it can get.

“They don’t know how much better he can get and there’s just nothing to compare it with.”

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Garraway said there was “no explanation” for the severity of Mr Draper’s condition.

She said “he was a little bit overweight” as she admitted to being “a little bit of a feeder”, but said that there are “zero underlying conditions”.

Garraway also revealed that she and Mr Draper planned to renew their wedding vows before he became ill.

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The presenter, who said she planned to return to Good Morning Britain on Monday, said it was “really emotional” to be back and “like coming out of a little bubble of sadness”.

She said she knew everyone was “dealing with stuff and the problem with this pandemic”, adding: “It’s lives, it’s livelihoods, it’s fear and it’s anxiety, and I just feel like I have got to get on and do the things I’m supposed to be good at”.

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