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Continuity IRA accused of trying to lure police officers to their deaths in bomb attack | UK News



Northern Ireland police have accused the dissident republican group Continuity IRA of trying to lure officers to their deaths in a bomb attack this week.

A device exploded while officers were investigating a security alert in the Wattlebridge area near the Irish border in County Fermanagh.

Police Service of Northern Ireland officers had received a report from a media outlet that been made aware of a suspected bomb.

Nobody was injured in the subsequent blast.

Detective Superintendent Sean Wright said: “On Sunday morning, a full clearance operation began with the support of ammunition technical officers (ATO) colleagues and colleagues from An Garda Siochana.

“During this operation, a bomb exploded in the area of the Cavan Road at its junction with the Wattlebridge Road.

“This was not a controlled explosion carried out by security services, it detonated without warning.

“This demonstrates how volatile these devices are and I am thankful that there were no injuries.”

He added: “Our investigation has indicated that this was a deliberate attempt by the Continuity IRA to murder police officers and army personnel.

“Thankfully these terrorists did not succeed in their murderous attempt and police officers and army personnel bravely continued the clearance operation, working to protect the community of Wattlebridge.”

Northern Ireland's police chief Simon Byrne has said dissidents are recruiting vulnerable young people
Northern Ireland’s police chief Simon Byrne has said dissidents are recruiting vulnerable young people

Deputy Chief Constable Stephen Martin told a news conference on Monday that he “strongly” suspected the Continuity IRA or the New IRA carried out the attack.

The Continuity IRA is an Irish republican paramilitary group that aims to bring about a united Ireland.

It is a designated terrorist organisation in the UK.

Northern Ireland’s police chief has said Stormont’s political vacuum is hindering efforts to tackle the threat posed by dissident republicans.

Simon Byrne expressed concern about a lack of political direction to improve conditions in deprived areas where dissidents are recruiting vulnerable young people.

Northern Ireland has been without a functioning government for two years as the two main parties have been unable to reach a power-sharing agreement.

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