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Climate change protesters to target London Tube services | UK News



Campaigners are to target the London Underground system as demonstrations continue in the capital aimed at forcing action on climate change.

The campaign group Extinction Rebellion said it is planning to “non-violently disrupt Tube services to highlight the emergency of ecological collapse” on Wednesday if the Government does not meet its members.

It added: “Participants will peacefully break the law in order to stop the Tube and then will wait to be arrested.

“We sincerely apologise to all those who may suffer as a consequence of this disruption. In any other circumstances we would never dream of disrupting the Tube but this is an emergency.

“We request that workers do not intervene in the protests to ensure that they go as smoothly and safely as possible for all involved.”

So far at least 290 people have been arrested for taking part in the ongoing climate change protests in London as police say the demonstrations are causing “serious disruption”.

The number of those detained surged on Tuesday evening after a police order came into force restricting protests to a site at Marble Arch.

Scotland Yard said demonstrations were banned in the Oxford Circus area of London.

However, groups still remain at other major sites including Waterloo Bridge, where 87 arrests were made on Tuesday afternoon after they were banned from that area.

Two arrests were made in relation to criminal damage carried out in the Lambeth area of London.

The Metropolitan Police warned that demonstrations are expected to continue “throughout the coming weeks”.

In a statement it said: “Officers are out on the ground engaging with protesters and local communities to ensure proportionate policing plans are in place.

“There is a need to ensure the right balance is struck between allowing the right to peaceful protest, while disruption to communities is kept to a minimum.”

A Transport for London spokesman said it was aware of plans for demonstrations on the Underground which may disrupt travel.

“The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority and we’re already working closely with the police to manage the impact on London’s transport network.

“We would encourage people to check their journeys before they travel.”

Twenty-nine people were arrested after hundreds of activists from the Extinction Rebellion Scotland group occupied Edinburgh’s North Bridge, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Seventeen men and 12 women were arrested for breach of the peace and will appear in court in the coming days, police said.

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