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Chelsea lose Carabao Cup final after keeper defies manager Sarri and refuses to be substituted | UK News



Chelsea have lost the Carabao Cup final after an extraordinary moment when their goalkeeper ignored the manager’s orders and refused to be substituted minutes before the penalty shootout.

Manchester City ended up winning 4-3 from the spot following an exciting 0-0 extra-time stalemate.

But the game may end up being best remembered for Kepa Arrizabalaga openly defying manager Maurizio Sarri, who wanted to swap him for Willy Caballero waiting on the sidelines.

Kepa – who twice went down with cramp – dismissively waved off his manager and stayed on the pitch when his number came up.

Maurizio Sarri reacts after Kepa Arrizabalaga (not pictured) refuses to be substituted
Manager Maurizio Sarri (L) was furious after the goalkeeper refused to come off the pitch

Sarri was furious, throwing down a bottle and striding to the tunnel before heading back to the pitch.

All eyes were on whether the rebellious keeper could turn hero in the shootout – he was agonisingly close to Sergio’s Aguero’s penalty but failed to keep it out, then managed a diving save from Leroy Sane.

Misses from Chelsea’s Jorginho and David Luiz proved crucial however, and City’s Raheem Sterling drove home the match-winning kick.

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri gives instructions to Willy Caballero
Willy Caballero was on the sidelines and ready to come on
 Kepa Arrizabalaga
The Spanish keeper’s actions were condemned by pundits

The west London side turned in a much-improved performance, especially compared with the humiliating 6-0 defeat by City a few weeks ago, but the open dissent will do manager Sarri no favours with his job reportedly hanging by a thread.

In contrast to his anger on the sidelines, Sarri played down the incident in post-match interviews.

The Italian said it was a “big misunderstanding” over whether Kepa had cramp and whether he would be able to stay on for the shootout.

But pundits and players were shocked by Kepa’s actions.

Former Manchester United star Gary Neville tweeted: “What do Chelsea do with him for that?”

Gary Lineker posted: “Wow. This is bonkers. Not sure I’ve ever seen a player refuse to be subbed. Extraordinary.”

Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany said: “I have never seen it before – I wish I could have done that a few times when I have seen my number come up in the past.

“Of course, I thought if Willy (Cabellero) had come on it could have been another level of mind games because I know how good he is at penalties.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp said: “You’ve got to come off, this is a complete lack of respect for the manager. I’ve never seen this before.”

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