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‘Cheated partner’ calls for ambulance for DNA test



A man called for an ambulance to come to his home to do a DNA test because his “partner cheated”.

A recording of the New Year’s Day conversation has been posted on Twitter by the North West Ambulance Service, with the caption “really though?!”

In it, the operator for the ambulance service asks the man “is the patient breathing” to which he replies: “OK, please I’m just ringing because my partner has cheated on me.”

This is how the conversation continued:

:: Operator: Right, listen to me is the patient breathing?

:: Caller: Hello?

:: Operator: Is the patient breathing?

:: Caller: Everything okay, I want you ambulance to come to my house to go to do DNA test.

:: Operator: Excuse me? Why?

:: Caller: Because my partner has cheated on me.

:: Operator: Right, OK this is an emergency service, we don’t do DNA tests.

:: The man then tries to speak over the operator to which she responds: “Sir, listen to me, listen to me, this is an emergency line, we don’t deal with domestic cases and we don’t do DNA tests so I suggest you speak to somebody else.”

:: Caller: Which number? Can I get a number please?

:: Operator: I’ve not got a number for DNA tests I’m afraid.

:: Caller: Thank you very much, bye.

:: Operator: Bye bye.

The Twitter post had the caption: “FFS – Friday fact share‼️ So we got this 999 call on New Year’s Day.

“A man called us for a DNA test after accusing his partner of cheating. Really though?!”

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