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Car thief caught after his DNA was found on lip balm



A burglar who stole £97,000 worth of expensive cars from wealthy people was caught after his DNA was found on a lip balm that was left in one of the vehicles.

Sheridan Fayomi, 27, “targeted hard-working, successful people” and would use the money to “fund his lifestyle”, police said.

He stole one Mercedes worth £20,000 and another worth £32,000 in the early hours of 31 May last year from St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

A mobile phone and camera equipment worth £10,000 were also taken from one of the addresses.

Fayomi struck again a few weeks later, in the early hours of 14 June, taking a £45,000 Audi S3 and a handbag containing bank cards.

The car was found abandoned in Barnet, north London, five days later and police discovered a stick of lip balm which had DNA on it that linked the crime to Fayomi.

He was arrested two months later and a mobile phone was seized that connected him to the previous burglaries.

After a trial last week at Harrow Crown Court he was jailed to five years and six months.

Detective Constable James Howard, from Cambridgeshire Constabulary, said: “Fayomi is a career criminal and targeted high-value vehicles to further fund his lifestyle.

“He targeted hard-working, successful people and had no regard for the devastating impact burglary has on its victims.”

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