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Building evacuated after boulder smashes into bedroom



Residents have been forced to leave a historic seafront property after a “significant rockfall”, firefighters have said.

Two boulders were sent rolling down the cliff before hitting a shop and a flat in the coastal town of Hastings on Thursday afternoon.

One of the boulders hit the flat roof of a ground floor shop.

The larger boulder, which firefighters described as weighing several tons, smashed into the rear wall of a flat in White Rock, destroying a bedroom.

The male resident had been out for the day but discovered the damage on his return.

A massive hole had been made in the wall and there was masonry and other debris strewn over the bed and floor.

Firefighters from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called due to fears that the building was dangerous.

These fears were confirmed when building inspectors deemed it structurally unsafe and recommended that residents be moved elsewhere.

Hastings Borough Council said it had found alternative accommodation for those affected.

Staff were also advising people living nearby about safety concerns.

The cliff will be re-surveyed and people have been warned to stay away from the area meanwhile.

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