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Britain’s biggest family: The Radfords reveal gender of 22nd child by firing confetti cannons | UK News



Britain’s biggest family has revealed the gender of their next addition.

Sue and Noel Radford revealed last month that she was pregnant with their 22nd child.

Now they have posted a YouTube video where they both released gender cannons which contained either blue or pink confetti, depending on the baby’s gender.

In a wooded area, the whole family stood together as the parents fired out pink confetti and they screamed in delight at the news of the upcoming girl.

It means the pair are set to even things up next year with 11 sons and 11 daughters – a full football team of each sex.

The Radfords live in a 10-bedroom house
The Radfords live in a 10-bedroom house

Mr Radford, 48, said: “I can’t believe it. Not that I’m bothered that it’s a girl but we were absolutely convinced it was going to be a boy.”

Addressing his young son, he said: “Sorry Archie, maybe next time you’ll get a little playfriend.”

Mrs Radford, 44, said she suspected she was having a girl.

She revealed her mother had recently visited a psychic who told her someone with dark hair was pregnant and was going to be having a girl.

Sue said: “I kind of had my suspicions that maybe it was going to be a girl because I do strongly believe in psychics from what she has told my mum.”

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Now the family has to decide on a name.

Mrs Radford said she liked the name Dorrie but one of her daughters insisted “no no”.

The mother said: “This is the issue that we have. Some love the names, and others no.”

Last month, Mrs Radford confirming the pregnancy news by holding up an ultrasound image, telling her followers: “So now you know guys, we’re having a baby.”

“We’re just coming up to 15 weeks pregnant and we’ll be able to find out the gender of the baby soon.”

She added that the baby is due in April.

Sue Radford is pregnant with her 22nd child
Sue Radford is pregnant with her 22nd child

The couple are already parents to Chris, 30; Sophie, 25; Chloe, 23; Jack, 22; Daniel, 20; Luke, 18; Millie, 17; Katie, 16; James, 15; Ellie, 14; Aimee, 13; Josh, 12; Max, 11; Tillie, nine; Oscar, seven; Casper, six; Hallie, three; Phoebe, two; Archie, 18 months; and Bonnie Raye, 11 months.

Another, named Alfie, was stillborn in 2014 when Mrs Radford was 23 weeks pregnant.

Aside from the two eldest children who have left home, the family live in a 10-bedroom house and largely rely on Mr Radford’s bakery business to get by.

The Radfords, from Morecambe, Lancashire, also receive £170 a week in child benefits and spend approximately £350 on food shopping.

It takes them three hours a day to tidy the house and they get through 18 pints of milk, four toilet rolls and three boxes of cereal every 24 hours.

The family first came to public attention in 2012 when they were the focus of a Channel 4 documentary called 15 Kids and Counting.

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