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Brexit would go ahead if Labour won snap election, says Jeremy Corbyn



Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will continue with Brexit if the party wins a snap general election in the new year.

The Labour leader said he would seek to secure a better deal with Brussels than the one struck by Theresa May to allow the UK to leave EU on 29 March.

In an interview with the Guardian, he said it would be a “matter for the party to decide” Labour’s position on a second EU referendum after facing calls from some of his own MPs to back a People’s Vote.

But he added: “My proposal at this moment is that we go forward, trying to get a customs union with the EU, in which we would be able to be proper trading partners.”

Mr Corbyn also attacked the EU over its rules on state aid and competition.

He said: “I think the state aid rules do need to be looked at again, because quite clearly, if you want to regenerate an economy, as we would want to do in government, then I don’t want to be told by somebody else that we can’t use state aid in order to be able to develop industry in this country.”

Mr Corbyn said he was “extremely angry” during heated exchanges at prime minister’s questions last Wednesday when he appeared to call Theresa May a “stupid woman”.

Jeremy Corbyn released a video on his Twitter account


They are stupid people – Corbyn

He insists he said “stupid people”, not “stupid woman”, despite a team of lip-readers telling Sky News he “clearly” used the latter phrase.

Addressing criticism from Tory MPs over the alleged remark, Mr Corbyn told the Guardian: “It’s interesting their sudden concern about these matters. Where is their concern about the homeless people of this country?”

MPs will begin debating Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement on Wednesday 9 January – parliament’s second day back after the Christmas break.

The original vote was scheduled for the start of December – but was pulled the day before by Mrs May because she feared a “significant” defeat.

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