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Boy tells how he spotted fisherman Nathan Rogers who clung to net after falling overboard



An 11-year-old boy who spotted a fisherman who had fallen overboard has described the moment he saw him and alerted his father.

Louis Matisse Nicholls, who was picking up litter on the beach, spotted Nathan Rogers in the water after his boat crashed into Nelwyn’s South Pier in Cornwall.

Mr Rogers had been dragged five miles (8km) behind his boat before falling into the sea.

Penlee RNLI was alerted after Louis saw him in the water and told his father Philip to dial 999.

Louis told Sky News: “I just saw a boat going towards the port and saw his head bobbing up and down on the water.”

Mr Nicholls said: “Louis saw the man and I called the coastguard. The poor chap had fallen in the water. He was so tired he could not swim.”

His mother Nadine said: “We are very glad it was a lovely ending. At the time we were very worried. Nathan is doing well and this is very important for us.”

A lifeboat brought Mr Rogers to shore and he has been treated for hyperthermia.

When the lifeboat arrived Mr Rogers was being held up in the water by the skipper of another fishing boat.

RNLI Penlee Lifeboat tweeted a picture of Mr Rogers holding a T-shirt given to him by his wife emblazoned with “shipwrecked” on the front and said: “Really pleased to see yesterday’s casualty, Nathan Rogers, recovering well.”

The RNLI said on Facebook: “Louis’ quick reactions and presence of mind led to a successful outcome.

“He is seen here having a pat on the back from volunteer crew member, Jason Ward. Well done Louis!”

The RNLI said the incident happened on Thursday lunchtime as Mr Rogers was re-positioning his nets off the Cornish coast.

Rescuers said he “was amazingly lucky” to have survived.

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