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Birmingham Airport flights suspended due to air traffic control fault



Flights arriving and departing from Birmingham Airport have been temporarily suspended due to an air traffic control fault.

Passenger are being told to check with their airline for the latest information about their flight.

A spokesperson for the airport said it was “working to resolve the issue as soon as possible”.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing to our passengers,” they added.

Flight path of a plane travelling from Amsterdam to Birmingham, as Birmingham says flights in and out of the airport have been suspended
One service circled waiting to land at Birmingham airport Pic: FlightRadar24

One plane travelling from Amsterdam to Birmingham was forced to circle above the runway, and is running at least an hour delayed.

Other flights this evening have been diverted to Manchester and East Midlands Airports, according to FlightRadar24.

It comes days after mass disruption at Gatwick Airport, which was brought to a standstill for days by reports of the illegal use of a drone.

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