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Bird on motorway causes rush-hour chaos in Glasgow



A swan “just chillin” on a motorway in Scotland forced police to divert rush-hour commuters around the bird.

Traffic built up on the M8 around Glasgow after the swan was spotted swanning around in the third lane of traffic on Tuesday morning.

Officers were sent to protect the large bird, which refused to move despite hundreds of cars driving around it.

A police car was placed behind the swan at 8am as traffic built up from junctions 16 to 21 eastbound.

Traffic Scotland tweeted that the lane was closed “due to a swan just chillin on the carriageway”.

Soon afterwards, they confirmed they had managed to move the bird to the side of a slip road.

“The poor wee soul is injured,” officers said, adding that the Scottish SPCA had been made aware.

By the time the swan was moved off the slip road, traffic was backed up for 10 junctions.

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