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Antony Gormley sculpture given some dignity by mystery passer-by | UK News



An Antony Gormley sculpture of a naked man has been given a degree of dignity after a mystery passer-by dressed him in a pair of boxer shorts.

Walkers on the Water of Leith in Edinburgh were surprised to see the statue sporting a pair of briefs in a pink and navy print on Saturday.

The sculpture is part of the artwork 6 Times featuring six life-size figures positioned between the grounds of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the sea at Leith Docks in Edinburgh.

Anthony Gormley is a British Turner Prize winning artist
Antony Gormley is a Turner Prize-winning artist

Originally installed in 2010, the artwork was fully reinstalled in May after some of the sculptures were removed following issues in 2012.

Speaking in May, the 68-year-old Turner Prize winning artist said: “It was a privilege to make these works for Edinburgh and now they are coming back to stay – I’m delighted.”

Simon Groom, director of modern and contemporary art at the National Galleries of Scotland, said at the time they were thrilled to be reinstalling the artwork, describing it as a “meditative and reflective work”.

The figures – which are also dotted along Crosby Beach in Merseyside – are casts of Mr Gormley’s body.

It is not the first time a Gormley sculpture has been dressed up as a practical joke.

On Christmas Eve last year, the Angel of the North was styled in a giant Santa hat after a group of pranksters scale the 66ft (20m) tall steel sculpture located in Gateshead.

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