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Alex Salmond wins court case against Scottish govt over sexual misconduct claims



A judge has thrown out the findings of a Scottish government investigation into complaints of sexual misconduct against its former first minister Alex Salmond.

Lawyers for Mr Salmond argued that the Scottish government had acted unlawfully in its handling of complaints against him.

They stated that the process was unfair and tainted by apparent bias.

They said at the Court of Session that while civil service guidelines dictated there should be no contact between the people making complaints and those investigating them, that wasn’t the case.

In fact, they said, the civil servant who was investigating did indeed have prior contact with the complainers.

They said she gave them a significant degree of assistance in making the complaints against Mr Salmond, bordering on encouragement to them to proceed with formal complaints.

Two women lodged complaints of sexual misconduct against Mr Salmond last year, about alleged events in 2013.

The Scottish government accepted in court that there had been a failure in procedure.

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