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Alesha MacPhail: Semen from boy accused of killing girl, 6, ‘found on body’ | UK News



Traces of DNA from the boy accused of killing six-year-old Alesha MacPhail were found on the young victim, a court heard.

:: The following report contains graphic content which may be distressing to some readers

Forensic scientist Stuart Bailey told the High Court in Glasgow that semen from the teenager was found inside Alesha.

He said traces of DNA were found on the six-year-old’s neck, shorts, vest, and her private parts.

Mr Bailey said it was more than 1bn times more likely to be from the accused teenager than from someone not related to him.

The accused, who denies all charges, previously claimed the DNA evidence was planted from a condom.

He has lodged a special defence blaming Toni McLachlan, the girlfriend of Alesha’s father.

Ms McLachlan has denied any involvement.

Giving evidence at the court, Mr Bailey said the DNA could have been found on Alesha because the 16-year-old came into contact with those areas of her body and her clothes.

It was also found on her thighs, wrists, ankles, underarms, and areas where she was bruised.

Mr Bailey said one explanation for the DNA on Alesha was intercourse, but accepted that the defence’s suggestion the semen was “planted” is scientifically possible.

He said it was “highly unlikely” that the DNA could have been found on her through a secondary transfer from a third party “give the amount of DNA attributed” to the teenager.

The accused denies abducting, raping and murdering the six-year-old and attempting to hide evidence on the Isle of Bute in July last year.

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