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Aiming high: Teens expect to earn £70,000 a year by 30 | UK News



It is good to set your sights high, but new research suggests today’s teenagers are in need of a bit of a reality check.

A survey of 2,098 13 to 19-year-olds by Viga on behalf of financial services provider OneFamily found that on average they expected to be earning £70,000 the time they turn 30, almost three times the actual average salary for 30-year olds.

It is not just in terms of earnings where teenagers’ views of their futures might be a little rose-tinted.

By the time they leave their 20s almost half (45%) say they will get their dream job, 21% will be running their own businesses and 47% believe they will be on the property ladder.

They will also have travelled the world and 41% will be married with kids.

And while a choice of career does to some extent reflect changes in society, with some youngsters interested in becoming video game developer, blogger, Instagram star or coders, traditional professions such as engineer, teacher and psychologist are still the most popular choices.

Although their expectations of salaries might be a little unrealistic, the research reveals doing something they are passionate about is actually more important, while working with nice people (43%) and doing something they are good at (25%) are significant motivating factors.

OneFamily commissioned Viga to undertake market research amongst 2,098 UK teenagers aged 13-19. The research was conducted between 26 January 2019 and 1 February 2019

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