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Pinstriped is a productivity tool to keep meetings organized



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It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone finds long meetings absolutely abhorrent. A supposedly brief meeting that has been stretched on for hours because your co-workers can’t stop babbling? That’s basically the bane of everyone’s existence.

An easy solution? Pinstriped Premium.

Designed to keep your meetings on course, Pinstriped helps you completely streamline the entire process. It lets you create a structured and timed agenda, and organize content in talking points, files, and links — all of which you can send to involved parties, so everyone comes to the meeting well-prepared. Should you agree upon decisions and action items while the meeting is ongoing, you can easily add them in the same file. And when the meeting has adjourned, you already have a readymade follow-up email you can send to everyone with just a single click.

Never sit through an unnecessarily lengthy meeting again. Get a lifetime subscription to Pinstriped Premium now for only $39.99, a 90% reduction from the original cost of $400.

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