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Casper now offers customers 45-minute naps for $25 each



There are few resources in this world more valuable than sleep — and it looks like mattress startup Casper has found a way to cash in on everyone’s obsession with getting a little more shut-eye.

Casper opened the doors to The Dreamery, its new facility offering customers “nap sessions” for $25 a pop, on Wednesday.

What’s a nap session, exactly? You’ll get 45 minutes of uninterrupted time in a “Casper Nook.” The Nook, according to Racked, contains a Casper mattress decked out with Casper bedding as well as designer pajamas, socks, and an eye mask — fresh for every napper, of course. Also included: free beverages, a toothbrush set, face wash, and relaxing sleep sounds courtesy of Headspace.

The Dreamery is located in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, and booking a nap session on The Dreamery’s website is dangerously easy. Like, Seamless-level easy.

A great place to sleep near strangers!

A great place to sleep near strangers!

Image: casper/the dreamery

“A lot of people need a break but don’t have a place for it, whether they’ve taken the red-eye and need a place to crash, or are far minutes away from home and need to settle down for a bit during a 14-hour work day,” Eleanor Morgan, Casper’s senior vice president of experience, told Racked. “We’re passionate about creating a cultural movement around sleep, and we think a lot about how to give people different ways to rest and recharge.”

The Dreamery is built around the notion that everyone needs a little R&R throughout the day and is more than entitled to it. Well, for a nominal fee anyway.

The starry lounge area of The Dreamery

The starry lounge area of The Dreamery

Image: Casper/the dreamery

As I sip on my second caffeinated beverage of the day, I do see the appeal of naps on demand. But here’s the thing: Naps are free and they should remain so. 

While an expertly executed branding endeavor will surely pique the interest of sleepy millennials everywhere, the monetization of naps is just plain weird. Promising people the chance to recharge with a nap à la carte feels like another lame attempt to capitalize on wellness and self-care trends. 

Peace of mind and rest aren’t things you can truly purchase, no matter what Casper says. You’re better off saving your $25 for something worthwhile, and doing your best to get a full eight hours of sleep each night. 77f2 2b98%2fthumb%2f00001

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